What is Life Coaching

The Lords mercy

What is Life Coaching and HOW can it support you?

Life Coaching is a series of processes and a variety of techniques that can be applied to your current situation to create a happier and more fulfilling way of being.

It is about looking at “your life” in a different way, it is a personal process that can be molded to support your particular “place” and space, and all people are in different “yet similar places and spaces”.

The common theme in all coaching relationships, is that by following the processes and applying the techniques, you WILL evolve and reach a better place than the one where you began…this is empowerment. taking responsibility to change your own life. Or Life WILL change you at some stage through pain…

Whatever life is for you now, you CAN change that, by choosing to invest in taking a journey with Life Coaching.

Coaching is an on going process, and it would be a brave person who claimed to have “mastered” the art of life and living.

One thing that is guaranteed is that Life is ever-changing, it is however up to you to stay open and flexible to change, embrace it and move though toward the new, learn the art of letting go, through Life Coaching this is a skill you will acquire and use with more and more confidence.


In Life Coach Lynda’s experience and opinion there are 8 amazing life changing benefits of Life Coaching:


Life Coach Lynda basket of skills and experience:

Intuitive Personal Life Coaching | Self Worth Self Esteem Self Love & Self Discipline Coaching | Relationship/Marriage/Separation/ Divorce Coaching | Parent/Child Coaching | Business/Career Coaching | Sports Coaching | Weight loss Coaching…

The powerful benefit of working with “Life Coach Lynda” is she is experienced in ALL forms, and is powerfully responsive in opportunities to intuitively know when each are to be addressed with an individual – for the purpose of “Holistic Success”!

Success is a holistic experience, and when imbalanced emptiness and dissatisfaction erodes at your ability to feel “Happy content and at peace” with yourself and the world around you – your reality! This can be adjusted, long term change can be realised with professional objective support through “Witness and reflection of your personal truth”…




To consciously chose to dedicate attention to unpacking and clearing areas in your life that are STOPPING you from GROWING… LIVING…LOVING….SUCCESS…ABUNDANCE…PEACE…HAPPINESS is an empowering choice and action to take…

Your “Life Coach” IS, your Witness, Your Confidant, Your Encourager, Your reflection… Your Ass Kicker…

Intuitive Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching

Spiritual/Christian Life Coaching (Confession Coach)



Love A Relationship “Attraction Coaching”.

Relationship/Marriage (family) Coaching


Take control of your life

Personal Self Esteem & Body Image/ weight loss Coaching

weightloss  Motivation


Wealth and Financial health Coaching


For More information and to book an introductory session contact Life Coach Lynda – lyndastanton@mweb.co.za

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