Available Programs:

Life Coach Lynda is experienced and equip to support healing and change within your life, Body, Mind and Soul. She is highly experienced and effective with Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point release treatment.This is where and how she established her private practice, over 12 years ago. Lynda then invested herself in acquiring qualifications within the Life Coaching area of “WHOLE BODY HEALING”. Thereafter expanding into the “nutritional area of healing from within, food medicine”, from this place and experience she developed a range of fresh made and pressed vegetable juices, soups and foods to support her wellness from within programs – Juice 4 Joy and, weight loss that worx, 

Personal Healing Journey, unique to your circumstances: R700 per hour rate, program established based on initial personal screening and evaluation.

Self Discovery Program – 12 week process – one 90minute session bi weekly R10 200.00 (Monthly payment plan)

Personal Breakthrough Program – 10 Week program one 90 minute session bi weekly R9000

Relationship Program – 6 month – 12 month program one 90 minute session monthly

Business Coaching for “Self Employed” entrepreneurs One on One @ R700 per hour

Weight Loss: 3-6 month plan, and dependent on how much weight you need to lose, it may need to be 12 months, commitment to cost is only able to be clear once screening and lifestyle evaluation is done and goals set.

Life Coach Lynda facilitates long term lifestyle change through and with “food as medicine”, utilising her “Juice 4 Joy” brand and range of products to support “Juice and Food programs that heal from within”…focused on the digestive system, YOU ARE WHAT YOU CONSUME AND DIGEST…once a certain behaviour is established, a deeper and more radical Detox and cleansing program is offered, where that last few unwanted kilos can drop, thereafter, a continuation of the juice 4 joy and food program is followed to integrate and ground the changes on all levels, psychologically,physiologically, emotionally and spiritually…

An extremely empowering journey to gift yourself with…an act of self love and appreciation for your Gift of life and amazing body you have to live it…

Body Treatment:

45 minute Sports massage R500

60 minute Sports massage R600

90 minute Sports massage R900

All the above treatments can be adjusted in tempo and pressure to suite the client (we are not a spa) We work with the full body in all treatments, as we believe everything is connected and by releasing the whole body regularly, your muscular/skeletal system can find balance which will aid with avoiding injury, support recovery, stimulate and encourage good circulation, flexibility and ability to be more productive and comfortable.

Travel: Life Coach Lynda is available to “come to you”, there is a travel and time cost, quoted on inquiry. Sometimes it is effective to allow and invest in this service, instead of letting distance stand in the way of your healing and progress. To be free, healed and happier is priceless…